A Very Special Christmas Gift.


A few years ago I watched the movie, “Fools Gold,” and noticed that Kate Hudson had on a palm tree diamond studded necklace.  I have been wanting that necklace for some time now especially since moving to the Gulf Coast.    For Christmas this year a dear friend of mine handed me a gift to open.  Low and behold it was this diamond studded palm tree necklace!  I never mentioned to her that it was something that I have wanted.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.    Love it!!




MBO Success For New Tires


Last night I said a MBO for new tires. For some time now friends have been telling me I needed to get new rear tires for my car.  They were worn down and needed to be replaced.  I requested the most benevolent outcome for new tires for my car at a price that I could easily afford, and may the results be better than I could ever hope for or expect.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!      ( I say that prior to the manifestation, knowing full well the request will be granted in the best way possible.)

Today a friend of mine took me out to price new tires.  We went to two different places and found a good deal.  I requested another MBO, that the installation of the tires go better than I could ever hope or expect and that the highest best outcome occur.   TY, TY, TY.  Result:  The technician tore one of the tires as he was putting it on my car.   The company did not have another set of the tires that I wanted in stock, so they gave me an upgrade to a better and more expensive type at no charge!    Thank you to any and all beings for my wonderful new tires, they are truly better than I could have hoped for.

Right Off The Shelf!

IMG_4584 I was shopping the other day and got to the bread isle.   Stood looking at all the different breads that I could choose from for breakfast.   Thought to myself, “hmm, what kind of bread would be great for me to have for breakfast?  Something that would taste really good to me.”  No sooner did I finish that thought, a package of English Muffins, flew off the shelf onto the floor!”   I love English Muffins for breakfast.  Thank you Universe for making that decision so EASY!

Heron Animal Totem


Have you ever had an animal show up right in your path that really gets your attention?   Signs and messages from Spirit are showing up everywhere!   Yesterday I was thinking about the word balance.  I just sat for a moment tuning into the vibration of balance and ease and how that feels in my body.   Standing strong in life in balance.    This morning I awoke and this dude was standing on one leg looking over the pool.    He was balanced and relaxed!  I googled Heron animal totem.  The Heron represents aggressive self determination and self-reliance.  Heron has a strong connection to mother earth.  Mother earth is a source of strength and will help you stand strong and firm.  Heron medicine allows you to perform many tasks, at the same time. keeping all in balance.    I am currently looking for a new career opportunity that will bring me the joy, fulfillment and abundance that I desire and deserve. Heron totem means that you know what is best for you, it’s good to follow that path.  Be aggressive when opportunities present themselves to you, don’t let them pass by.

Got this animal totem information from one of my favorite animal sites,  http://www.linsdomain.com/totems/pages/heron.htm

Spirit-Animals.com says that when a Heron comes across your path you love to explore many activities and dimensions of earth life.  That’s me!  On the surface, this may seem like a form of dabbling, but more than likely you are wonderfully successful at being the traditional, ‘Jack of all trades’.  This ability enables you to follow your own path.  Most people will never understand the way you live because on the surface it seems to be unstructured without stability or security to it.  It is, though, just a matter of perspective.  There is security underneath it all.  For it gives you the ability to do a variety of tasks.  If one way does not work, than another will.  This is something that you seem to inherently know.

Love how spirit talks to us, animal totems are just one magical way that spirit communicates with me, cheering me on!  So pay attention, an animal totem may be in your path soon and if one shows up, look up the message.

Light and Love!


I Am Grateful For The Magical Blessings The Universe Gifts Me With Every Day!


A friend called and said she had a free ticket to the Zach Brown Band concert in Orlando and invited me to go!  What??? OMG, I have wanted to go to one of their concerts!  Yes, Thank You!!!  I said a Most Benevolent Outcome for everything to go smoothly, the drive to and from, the parking, the concert seats, and requested the result be better than we could hope for or expect.   Well…we went to Disney for dinner, (got a great parking space near the entrance) 🙂  After dinner we headed to the Amway Center.    Parked in the Geico parking lot, got a space right near the elevator 🙂    Walked across the skybridge right into the venue. Our seats were amazing, right near the stage.  At one point during the concert they had two military service men come out in step and gave a long salute to the crowd.  People were clapping, cheering and many moved to tears.   There was such a sense of global peace, honor and love as the band sang the song, “Free.” May we all be free and live in peace.   My prayers go out to all in Paris and Beirut. 

 Thank you to any and all beings for orchestrating this magical opportunity for me, I am so grateful for such a treat.  

“Loving You Easy,” was one of my favorite songs that they sang.


Love to all, from my heart to yours.  XOXO 


Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows?


From “Healing Words for the Body, Mind and Spirit”

by Caren Golman:


There once was a simple farmer who lived and struggled alongside his neighbors and friends, trying to exist and fulfill a peaceful life. One day news arrived from far away, that his old loving father had died. His neighbors gathered to grieve, but the farmer simply said, “Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?” 

In time relatives brought a very fine horse of great cost and fine breeding, left to the farmer by his father. All the villagers and neighbors gathered in delight with him to celebrate his good fortune, but he just said, “Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?”

One day the horse escaped into the hills and when all the farmer’s neighbors sympathized with the old man over his bad luck, the farmer replied, “Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?”

A week later the horse returned with a herd of wild horses from the hills and this time the neighbors congratulated the farmer on his good luck. His reply was, “Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?”

Then, when the farmer’s son was attempting to tame one of the wild horses, he fell off its back and broke his leg. Everyone thought this very bad luck. Not the farmer, whose only reaction was, “Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?”

Some weeks later the army marched into the village and conscripted every able-bodied youth they found there. When they saw the farmer’s son with his broken leg they let him off. Now was that good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?